Zapier – Automate the Obvious

If you are a fan of IFTTT, then you will love Zapier too. Zapier is like an advanced version of IFTTT that is primarily targeted on power users and web developers.

Below is a recipe of mine that I created, it does the following; when I forward particular email to Zapier email, it creates a new card in my Trello account, in the predefined Dashboard, under the “To-Do” column. Attachments of the email is also passed on to Trello card as attachments. You can also tag particular default users to the newly created card. It just saves tons of time..


Zapier supports tons of platforms and services. Unlike IFTTT though, it’s not entirely free. Free version only supports 100 tasks a month. For $20/month you can bump that up to 3,000 tasks.



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