Gmail: How to find all “unread” messages in “inbox”

I have just done a cleanup of my Gmail inbox. For the first time it’s showing “2 Unread Messages” andinbox_unread.png not “100+ Unread Messages“.

How do I feel? Feel like I had a haircut after 6 months, no no, feel like I just shaved my head 😉 Yeah it’s that good to see so few unread messages in my Gmail.

Two little Gmail search strings and a lot of courage helped me to achieve this result. A lot of courage – because some of the emails I intentionally marked “unread” so that I could reply to them when I have a spare time. But the spare time somehow never came 😉 and by now, it was too late to reply to them anyway.

As for the two little search strings, they were:

  1. is:unread for listing unread messages.     2)   in:inbox for listing messages in inbox

Used together as is:unread in:inbox in the search field, it will list all the unread emails in your inbox.

Other Useful Search Strings

Here are some of the other useful gmail search strings that you can use:

  • Emails from particular sender
    from:ades or – so you can use either the sender’s name or email.
  • Search for emails in particular label
    in:label – just like above I used “in:inbox”, you can search for emails with any other labels.
  • Emails CC’ed or BCC’ed to someone
    cc:arstan – it will search for emails that were CC’ed to Arstan. (Similarly you can use bcc:arstan).
  • Search for chat messages
    is:chatis:chat advertise – it will look for any chat message that contains the word “advertise” in it.
  • Emails that are read, unread and starred
    is:read is:unread is:starred – it will search for emails that are read, unread and starred respectively. Please note that you can combine more than one search string. Eg; is:starred is:unread from:ades
  • Emails with specific subject title
    subject:adsense – finds emails with a word “adsense” in their subject.
    subject:(google adsense) – finds emails in which the subject contains both the word “google” AND “adsense”.
    subject:”google adsense” – finds emails in which the subject contains a phrase “google adsense” in them. Phrases like “adsense google” or “google has adsense” won’t be found.
  • Emails that contain attachment
    has:attachment – search for messages with an attachment. Eg; from:ades has:attachment
  • Emails with specific attachment – search for messages that has attachment

Memorize the above search strings and you will never lose an email in your Gmail ever again! Hope you find it useful.

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