How to Find Pro UI Designers for Your Startup

Say, you have an idea for a startup which you would like to build MVP (minimum viable product i.e most basic version) of it but don’t know any decent UI designer who can visualize your idea and turn it into this amazing User Interface; the likes of Instagram and other similar cool apps.

If you have done web or mobile app projects of your own before, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – it’s a challenge to find pro User Interface designers.

Most of the time, prior to deciding if you should hire full-time developers and designers for your startup, optimal and cost-effective thing to do would be to outsource MVP version to freelancers. Hiring of full time staff can come later, once the app achieves product/market-fit.

For this reason, you would normally want someone who is pro and available for freelance work. Many sites like oDeskFreelancer, Elance, DesignCrowd etc have these kind of resources. But it’s really a pain to find the right person.

Melting pot for Great, Pro Designers

But there is a great platform where all the professional designers hang around, and that is on Dribbble. It’s a place where designers showcase their work and peers feedback and “like” each others’ work. It’s also a great place to find the right designer for your startup idea.

Unfortunately this doesn’t come free, but at a small price of $20/year. I would say, this is a small price to pay for finding your “dream” potential co-founder 🙂

Once you have gone pro with Dribbble, you will be able to search designers and filter them based on; country of origin, whether they are available for hire and also the skillset they have. After browsing through their portfolio, if you like their work, you can directly contact them for your freelance project.


Bonus tip: If you are searching for a pro developer, you can try Careers2.0 by StackOverflow, but it will cost you a whopping $1000/month. Now you know how cheap dribble is! 🙂

Bonus tip2: There is a free way to find developers and that’s via github, here is the details.

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