Why poll results on most blogs are skewed?

One of the mistakes new bloggers do is to end up talking exactly what other established bloggers are talking. Not only on topics that are “the current events” in the blogosphere, but even going as far as reporting their daily life posts. You need to take into account that people have already read those popular blogs, so they don’t want to read it on another blog from a secondary person.

Visitors want to read something original. And if you want to increase your readership you should give them original, new, and interesting posts. So how do you do that? Here is some of the suggestions to keep your posts original:

    1. Take notes, write draft posts, and record ideas when they strike you

Taking notes and writing draft posts is very important. It will help you to save time when you want to blog. Because when you sit to blog, there will be a draft post that you can continue right away. This way, you won’t have to think about what to blog.

I do have up to 10 draft posts at one time. If you are not using draft posts, then I strongly recommend you to use it.

Carry a pen and notepad when you are not near to your PC. This way, you can record the idea when it hits you. Most of the ideas will be forgotten if you do not record them. And it’s very difficult and time consuming to remember them back.

    1. Do read other popular blogs but do not be their carbon copy

It’s good to read other popular blogs and to keep yourself up to date with what’s happening in the blogosphere. But do not let these other blogs affect your own style of blogging. Do not be their carbon copy. Unless it’s necessary to blog about what other blog has posted, refrain from blogging about it (in a dedicated post). If you just want to repost what someone has posted then it’s better not to. Just remember people have already read about that!

However it’s okay to mention others’ post for analysis and critique purposes, especially if you want to take it as an example to prove a point. It is also okay to refer your readers to interesting posts of other bloggers. Link-love is always welcome by fellow bloggers.

    1. Be opinionated!

Don’t be afraid to write your own opinions. People usually read blogs because of the author’s personal opinions on various topics. Without the personal opinions, your blog will be just another news-reporting blog.

Don’t be afraid of what people might think of your opinion, what is important is – what you think! And don’t forget that it’s your blog (not someone else’s) and in your own blog you are entitled to voice out your own opinions.

Please remember that you need to strike a balance here, voicing out does not mean you can start criticizing everybody. If you do that, you will make a lot of not friends (enemy would be too harsh a word here) very fast. So choose the middle way and blog responsibly.

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