GrabPay – pay with Grab Points UX [improvement]

When you frequent a particular shop and become a regular customer, I noticed that often times cashiers start to rely on your (i.e consumer app) payment receipt rather than looking at their own merchant app for a payment confirmation.

So, typically you would scan a merchant QR code at a counter, enter the amount, slide to pay and show the receipt screen to a cashier and go on with your life. Smooth experience, right?

However, there is a slight UX problem when you pay with Grab Points, because the screen looks like this (see below). And when a cashier sees RM 0.00, s/he gets confused. Obviously, for the below transaction I had paid the equivalent of RM 2.85 with my Grab Points. 

I’m guessing, since this is a consumer app interface, Grab’s UX Designers are focusing on the user here. And I think the message they are trying to convey is that, user has paid zero money – it’s all deducted from user’s Grab Rewards (i.e Points). And they are assuming that merchants shouldn’t see this screen.

However, this is one of those scenarios where the intended design is not used as expected.

Suggested Improvement

Well, it could easily be improved by displaying the actual price instead of RM 0.00 followed by an additional information on the points spent for the transaction.

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