WordPress: Increase your SERP using Post Slug feature

Do you use post slug feature in WordPress? If yes, then great! If not, then you should really start using it. Post Slug feature is located among one of those boxes at the right side: Categories, Post Status, Discussion… etc.

SEO Advtantage of Using Post Slug

When you use it, you greatly improve your blog’s SEO. In WordPress, if you enable permalinks and if you use Post Title in the URL structure, then you know that the post title becomes part of the URL for each individual post page.

Below is a screenshot of Permalink’s preferences in WordPress:

enabling permalinks

As you can see, I have set Date (Year/Month/Date) followed by Post Title for the URL structure.

Feed Search Engines with Different Important Keywords

As you know Search Engines pay more attention to page’s Title, URL, and Headings (or the content in general). So it’s always better if you input important keywords in page’s Title and URL in particular, and to repeat the keywords in the content of the page. Therefore, using Post Slug gives you this advantage of putting different words in the URL of the page.

As you can see from the screenshot below, words that you enter in the Post Slug becomes part of the URL (instead of the Post Title, that is set by default).

post slug as the page url

So, if I hadn’t used Post Slug, my page URL would be http://www.adesblog.com/2008/01/12/write-pillar-articles-but-dont-overdo-it-please/ instead of http://www.adesblog.com/2008/01/12/what-is-pillar-articles/

So what’s the benefit?

Why did I choose “what is pillar articles” for the URL and not use the post title that was set by default? Because I know that people won’t be searching Google using “Write Pillar Articles but Don’t Overdo It” phrase. I am pretty sure that people will be going for searches like “What is Pillar Articles”, “How to write Pillar Articles”, “Pillar Article Structure” etc. Among these alternatives, I have chosen the first one.

Was it the correct choice? I am quite confident that it was, because if you search Google for “What is Pillar Article“, you will see that my post comes up on No.4 position (at this point in time, it might climb up or go down).

So as you can see, when you use it correctly, the results are very encouraging.

Don’t abuse it

When using this feature you should only use keywords that are directly related and mentioned in your post. Idea here is to let the users find your blog, find the article useful, and become your regular reader. Therefore putting not related keywords in the Post Slug won’t bring you any good. You will just destroy your reputation and credibility.

Do you have to use it for every post? If you can do that, then why not? Personally I do not use it all the time, I only use it on some articles that I think important.

I hope you find this post useful, look forward to read your thoughts.

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