How to get your Passphrase from wallet

If you have generated your NXT wallet directly on the website, then you probably know by now that wallet doesn’t have a passphrase unlike the Nxt Client. And with wallet, you won’t be able to access the tokens in your account (eg; Ardor). And if you were to access your newly generated wallet (account) in the NXT Client, you won’t be able to make any transactions, since Nxt Client requires a passphrase for making transactions. Luckily, there is a solution!

It was very difficult to find this information, and I’m not sure why it’s not on the’s FAQ section.

Here is the steps involved in generating a passphrase for wallets.

  1. Go and download this WalletViewer tool for NXT. You can get the latest .exe version (it’s a Windows only tool, no Mac version).
  2. Next, login to your account and go to Settings > Security and click on “Download Wallet Backup” to download your wallet in .aes format.


  3. Open the WalletViewer tool, press on the “Open Wallet” and locate your wallet backup file “wallet.json.aes” that you just downloaded from


  4. Once you open the wallet file, it will ask for a “Master Password”, enter your master password that you have chosen when you were creating the wallet in
  5. After that, the file will be opened, and the columns “ID” and “Password” in the wallet viewer tool will be populated. Copy these info to a safe place. Data in the Password column is your Passphrase!

You can now use this passphrase in Nxt Client to do transactions. Share this post to twitter to benefit others. Thanks.