How to Backup All Your Instagram Photos

In light of the latest brouhaha over the Instagram Terms of Service, this might be a good time for you to back up all your Instagram photos. Just to be safe, you know!

Below I will address two ways to backup your Instagram pictures; 1 – your existing Instagram pictures and
2 – a way to auto-backup all your future Instagram pictures as well.

Backing up all your existing Instagram photos

Instaport is a great way to backup all your existing Instagram photos. It’s very simple to use, all you need to do is to connect using your instagram login and all your Instagram pictures will be zipped and ready for you to download.


How to auto backup all your future Instagram Pictures

Using two great tools, IFTTT and Dropbox, you can auto backup all your future Instagram photos to your Dropbox as they are posted by you in your Instagram account. I have previously blogged about ifttt here.

For this to work, please make sure to signup for IFTTT and Dropbox first. After which, just activate this recipe in your IFTTT account and you are done.

Now, all your future Instagram pictures will be auto backed up to your Dropbox account. Safe and sound 🙂

Recipe URL:

  • Impressive guide…Nice Work…Your Backup solution solved my problem in order to Auto backup all my future Instagram Pictures….Thanks

  • oh, good to know, I needed some way of backing up my photos

  • Hmm… can you suggest any tool from which we can back up photos on cloud server ?

  • I am using it and I must say I am impressed with the simplicity of the idea and of course the usability. As they say stand on the shoulders of giants and you could see way far.

  • Great post On backuing Up instagram post.I never thought of this things and i was just reading a tutorial on it.