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How to watch World Cup 2014 online for free

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Some websites have rights to broadcast World Cup 2014 matches for free online. But the caveat is, these rights are tied to particular regions or countries. For example, Russia’s leading channel, streams all matches of World Cup for free as long as you are watching it within the boundaries of Russian territory.

So the question is, how to appear to that you are within Russia, while in actuality you may be in Thailand or South Africa etc.?  full details »

FastCopy – transfer large files fast

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Since getting hdd media player with 650GB of disk space I have been doing some large data transfers. But Windows operating system does a terrible job in transferring large files especially to external hard disks. It hangs, it prematurely terminates the transfers, files get corrupted… you name it.

fastcopy.pngOne way to do large file transfers is using MSDOS’ xcopy command, but it can get troublesome using MS Command Prompt especially when you do not know the commands.

Luckily there is a better way. FastCopy (freeware) (see screenshot) does the same what xcopy does, and even faster. Since it doesn’t use the cache of OS at all, other processes (applications) won’t be affected (i.e become heavy or hang) by the transfer.

It can also verify the copied files making sure that you do not have the corrupted files.

Since finding it I have been using it extensively and so far it’s doing a great job. Highly recommend it.

Download: FastCopy v1.98